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the EVERYTHING MUST GO project is now gone as is CENTURY PLAZA and General Growth Properties

2nd Floor South-East Wing

One retail store leased in Century Plaza Shopping Mall in Birmingham, Alabama is the site of EVERYTHING MUST GO,
a temporary exhibition space featuring the work of twenty young artists from across the country. The exhibition will change each day over two weeks to feature a different artist or collaborative group. 

In an American landscape full of abandoned malls, EVERYTHING MUST GO is an attempt, not to revitalize these structures, but to embrace the playful fantasy that the empty mall offers as a social space. 

Century Plaza Shopping Mall at the time of this exhibition has less than 20 open stores and over 70 vacant stores. With a total leasable area of 750,000 square feet, less than a fourth is being used. Thousands of similar dead or dying malls can be found throughout America. Meanwhile, new shopping centers continue to be developed, sprawling farther and farther from city centers, where newer facades can be constructed , spent, and discarded. The greater Birmingham area has at least 7 major shopping centers,  with more on the way. If the shopping center is the model around which our communities are built, what does the abandoned mall say about our society? America currently has more than four-thousand abandoned malls, more shopping centers than high schools, and twenty square feet of retail space for every person.


Using the conception of the artist as a scavenger within the contemporary landscape, we seek to re-claim these abandoned spaces--to simultaneously draw attention to their existence and offer alternative realities. EVERYTHING MUST GO confronts the fantasy of the mall as a post-apocalyptic playground in the ruins of late-capitalism. This project pays homage to the dual sense of alienation and ambition inherent in the renegade communities so often depicted in horror movies, embraced in basement rock shows, or imagined within the escapist games of our youth.

Artists featured in this exhibition utilize the theatrical setting of the failed store to accentuate the void rather than filling it.
Using the mall as a stage, these artists create situational works which engage viewers using sound, sculpture, video, collage, installation, and performance. The temporary nature of this exhibit offers a variety of voices within limited means, but also creates an impermanent, shifting dialogue. The project will be documented in a small series of publications available onsite and through a website which will be updated daily throughout the run of the exhibition.

EVERYTHING MUST GO is created and produced by Rachel Higgins. Artists featured were selected from an open call to the artist’s immediate community of friends and colleagues working in New York, Philadelphia, and Birmingham. While proposals have been selected based on relevancy of subject matter and a familiarity with the artists' work, it is intended for the individual voice of each artist to own the space for a day.

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